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My grandparents were all born in China, my parents too.
When my mother was 23, she married with my father. My mother was pregnant with me at 25 and left China when I was 2 months old.
We lived in the suburbs and then we came to settle in Paris.



Me and family come from Moldavia. My father came to France in 2001. My mother came to France in 2002.My brother,and I stayed in Moldovia and lived with our grandmother during that time.

My father picked me up in 2005 and we came to France together. My brother came in 2004. And now we all live together in Paris.



Me and my family come from China but I was born in Paris 12th. 

My mother and my father came to France on 17th January 1990.

My family name is Y but my mother’s name was H……. I have one sister, she is 18 years old and her name is Vanesse  

My mother has 2 brothers and 2 sisters but only 2 brothers and 1 sister live in France

I have 9 cousins in my mother’s family : Zheshi, Marina, Sonyc, Eric, Marc, Jacques, Jean-François, Melody et Leo. 

My mother’s mother died because she was sick. 

My father has 2 brothers and they live in Wenzhou, China and I have 3 cousins in my father’s family but I don't know their names.




I am Pauline. I am thirteen years old , I was born in France. I have two sisters :

Marie-Noelle eighteen years old and Marina seventeen years old .

My family is Cambodian with Chinese origins .

We are 4 now because my big sister is studying in Toulouse.

She is in an Engineering college and the second one is in high school.

My father is a salesman and my mother a modelist .

They came from Cambodia because of the war in 1975.


Je suis Pauline. J'ai 13 ans, je suis née en France . J'ai deux sœurs:

Marie-Noelle 18 ans et Marina 17 ans.

Ma famille est d'origine cambodgienne et chinoise .

On est 4 maintenant parce que ma grande sœur étudie à Toulouse.

Elle est en école d'ingénieur et la seconde est au lycée .

Mon père est vendeur et ma mère modeliste.

Ils sont venus du Cambodge à cause de la guerre en 1975.


My family tree








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